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  1. WT Carousel

    A slideshow Joomla module for cycling through images with or without captions. Requires Template with Bootstrap 4 support.


    • Bootstrap 4 Support
    • Up to 10 slide configuration
    • Full Screen Support

    Animation Effects
    - Slide
    - Fade
    - Ken Burns

  2. Page Speed Analyze

    Joomla Page Speed Analyze is a great extension to analyze and report of page speed on your Joomla site easily.

    **IMPORTANT Demo Page **Username : testuser Password : 123456
    **IMPORTANT **This extension comes multi-language : English, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuqese, Greek, Turkish.

    Analyze Each Page with One Click in Seconds!

    You will see a button at the bottom left of each of your page. Click and then Analyze the page Speed of each Page just with one click in seconds!

    Multi Browser

    You can analyze with Chrome or Firefox browsers

    Multi Location

    You can analyze from different locations
    Vancouver, Canada
    London UK
    Sydney Australia
    Dallas USA
    Mumbai India
    Sao Paolo Brasil
    or Hong Kong China

    Adbloack Enable - Disable

    You can enable or disablke AdBlock for your analyzes

    Video Enable - Disable

    You can enable or disable video recording, this helps you to view how your page is loading.

    Page Speed Score

    Get Page Speed Score at analyze results

    YSlow Score

    Get YSlow Score at analyze results

    Fully Loaded Time

    Get Fully Loaded Time Score in seconds at analyze results

    Total Page Size

    Get Total Page Size Score as MB at analyze results

    Total Requests

    Get Number of Total Requests at analyze results

    Page Load Timings

    Get Page Load Timings for each step of page Loading at analyze results

    Detailed Page Speed Analyze

    Get deeply detailed page speed analyze at component analyzed pages section for each page / analyze you made.

    Detailed YScore Analyze

    Get deeply detailed YScore analyze at component analyzed pages section for each page / analyze you made.

    Hide Scores with 100

    You can hide scores with 100. This will help you to focus on the parts that you must improve.

    Detailed Page Loading Timings

    Get deeply detailed page loading timings analyze at component analyzed pages section for each page / analyze you made.

    Credits Info

    You can view your remaing GTMetrix Credits at every page and the next refill date.

    Page Screenshot

    You will get a page screenshot at detail page.

  3. AA Responsive Youtube Grid Gallery Pro

    This module can show show youtube grid gallery where you can create it with your favorite videos.

    Features it has :

    Works with any templates.
    Change background
    Responsive option
    Cross browser support.
    Simple and Friendly user interface.
    Ease to use.
    Multi Animation Support
    Lazy Load Support
    Pagination Option

    Supported Platform:

    Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.X

    Note : Any issue let me know. Joomla latest version (3.x and 4.0) tested and working great 🙂

    How to use :

    1) Just install module and do configuration
    2) Then just publish it and it will start working.

    Details :

    1. Simple configuration.
    2. Working fine.

    Tutorial :

  4. JAtomS

    Atom-S excursion tour distribution system for Joomla! CMS™


    Integration with Atom-S

    The component provides integration with the Atom-S excursion tours distribution system, allowing you to upload tours and excursions to your website in minutes.

    Online booking

    The component provides online booking and payment directly on your site, through the Atom-S service.

    Flexible caching system

    The component allows setting caching time for each type of request to api.
    Getting a showcases, Getting a tour, Uploading images, etc.


    • Getting tours and excursions to your site by API
    • Unique direct links for each tour
    • Full automation of selling tours and excursions online
    • Quickly connect new collection of tours for sale
    • Caching of static information, images
    • Customize caching
    • Duplicate pages protection

    Package Contents

    • JAtomS Atom-S excursion tour distribution system component
    • JAtomS - Showcase Module for displaying tours from component
    • JAtomS - Showcases Module for displaying showcases form component


    Atom-S is software for automating sales of excursion tours (for tour operators and travel agencies).

    Atom-S Features

    • The b2b system is strictly for tour organizers and sellers
    • Virtual Assistant to take orders from tourists
    • Personal account for the agency at the tour operator site
    • Professional tour search
    • Inventory management
    • CRM system to control all orders
  5. JUX Facebook Feed

    JUX Facebook Feed is a simple way to shine Facebook content right on the Joomla site. The Joomla module will automatically grab Facebook posts, photos, and videos and beautifully display these feeds on the Joomla site.

    This Joomla Facebook extension allows users to add and update three main types of Facebook content including Posts, Photos, and Videos. By this way, it will increase your audience and engagement of your website visitors.

    1. Three main types of Facebook Content

    The Joomla module supports up to three types of Facebook content on the site including pots, photos, and videos. Furthermore, you can create feeds, photo galleries and videos galleries which will be updated automatically when you will add new items into your Facebook page.

    • Posts: Now all Facebook post is nicely displayed on the Joomla site attached with information, comment, and other Facebook reactions.
    • Photos & Albums: The module allows users to arrange, manage Facebook photos as well as albums from the Facebook page.
    • Videos: You easily manage and add videos to your Facebook page right from the Joomla site by using this Joomla Facebook module.

    2. Like and share button

    JUX Facebook feed makes the share action is so convenient by offering flexible positions of like and share button as in the header, each post, and evenly Popup. So, when your visitors love any post from the Facebook page, they easily to react and share with others which spread your Facebook content.

    3. Nicely displayed on Any Devices

    JUX Facebook Feed also is totally responsive, which allows visitors to conveniently browse from any screens of mobile and desktop. Especially, each version keeps a full gallery and essentials functions which are available on the desktop version.

    4. Nice and Informative Popup

    When you care any post, you can get a better view by clicking to view the popup which is nice and information with full of like and share function. In details, you can get all the details included in the post as an image, description text, comment, like and share actions.

    5. Header Customizations

    Lots of things you can customize in the header section as the color, the picture background, the place you wish to put the like and share button or evenly likes counter, the color of text, showing the menu or not, and so on.

    6. Various Layout Styles

    There is more option in showing the layout as you prefer. You can select the style without header, show only images or set as a sidebar….. JUX Facebook feed offer

    7. 7 Different Hover Effects

    The Facebook feed section on the site will attract more visitors to click with more than 7 different hovering effects. By this way, users find out this module more attractive and lively.

    8. Adjustable sizing and spacing

    The Joomla module is so flexible in changing the size and space, so you will select a nice look as you wish for the Facebook section. You can test by trying out the demo control which focuses you on most of the stunning features.

    9. Easy to use Demo Control

    Users easily test features of JUX Facebook Feed with a simple demo control that mainly focusing you to primary features with specific customizations as sources, header. Posts, Photos, Albums, Videos, and Popup. After changing you can easily preview how the module looks by selecting the “preview” button.

    Re-check all amazing features of JUX Facebook Feed.
    - Three types of content
    - 7 hovering effects
    - Informative Popup
    - Daily content updates.
    - Add any public Facebook page or event.
    - Custom fonts, colors, backgrounds, and more.
    - Adjustable sizing and spacing.
    - Supports text in any language.
    - Mobile responsive

    All things considered, JUX Facebook feed completes a series of Joomla social extensions with the target in smartly integrate social channels to the Joomla site for the further target increasing the engagement to visitors. The Joomla Facebook module is worth your time to explore because, with the help of this module, you can increase the engagement the visitors from the Joomla site to your Facebook page – the hugest social community and get amazing profits from this.

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