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  1. AA News Ticker Pro

    AA News Ticker Pro Shows News Ticker on your Joomla Website.

    Features it has :

    ✅ It shows News Ticker from Joomla Articles, K2 or Custom.
    ✅ You can also change color for text or hover.
    ✅ Very easy to use.
    ✅ Support is always available.
    ✅ It is fully responsive.
    ✅ Works with any templates.
    ✅ Cross-browser support.
    ✅ Simple and Friendly user interface.
    ✅ Ease to use.

    Supported Platform:

    Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.X
    Note: Any issue let me know. Joomla latest version (3.x and 4.0) tested and working great 🙂

    How to use :

    ✅ Just install the module and install it.
    ✅ Then it will start working.

    Details :

    ✅ Simple configuration.
    ✅ Working fine.

    Tutorial :

  2. Favoured Search Application for SobiPro

    The Favoured Search Application lets you show favoured entries on top of the search results.

    Control the favoured entries with a simple checkbox or radio field.

    This application is available within a SobiPro club membership among with many other club extensions for SobiPro.

    Note: Installs using the SobiPro installer (Application Manager)

  3. EB Display Amazon Products

    Now it becomes super easy to display amazon affiliate products on your Joomla website using this powerful EB Display Amazon products plugin. This plugin operates through a shortcode so you can put affiliate products anywhere on your website.

    ⚡ Uses the latest Amazon Product API v5
    ⚡ SHORTCODE Operated
    ⚡ Fetch product directly using ISBN/ASIN number


    • Compatible with Joomla 3.x.x and Joomla 4 alpha
    • Fully RESPONSIVE
    • Compatible with all desktop and mobile browsers
    • Operates through a simple SHORTCODE
    • Works in ARTICLES as well as MODULES
    • You can use Amazon ASIN or ISBN number
    • Configurable width of product box through short-code parameter
    • You can choose from FULL Version OR Small Version(Suitable for sidebar modules)
  4. EB Popup Maker

    Turn your links into PopUps using this powerful PopUp maker plugin. By using this plugin, you will be able to create PopUps ANYWHERE within articles and PopUp ANYTHING(Image, Video, URL, Custom Text) you want.


    • Compatible with Joomla 3.x.x and 4 Alpha
    • Compatible with all desktop and mobile browsers
    • Fully RESPONSIVE
    • Generate PopUps ANYWHERE within articles
    • PopUp ANYTHING. It can be an image, video, custom text OR Full URL
    • Configurable Popup Size (Height & Width)
  5. Automatic Block IP Solutecia

    Easily block the visitor by their IP to prevent the accessing certain areas of a Joomla website (such as login or registration) or the entire site while still allowing IP address / IP range exclusions (such as search engine bots), all this without having to configure the .Htaccess file in your hosting. Simply install the plugin, enter the IP list you want to block or allow automatic update and you're done. Blocked visitors will either see a basic textual block message or they will be redirected to another URL, both of which are configured in the settings.


    • Use Token key to add one more protection layer to protect backend of your website, so only who know token key can access your backend, for example: , use wrong token will be redirected to home page:
    • Block IP/Ban IP by given IP Whitelist/IP Blacklist, support IPv4 and IPv6
    • Automatic update in the IP blacklist with addresses already identified as insecure worldwide.
    • Support many types of IP range: Single IP address, CIDR Mask, Wildcard, Low to high IP address.
    • BlockIP at Frontend/Backend/Both
    • You can just enable plugin in some pages of your site if you just want to protect apart of site.
    • You can write comment in the IP list (use #).
    • The whitelist should include IP addresses that should NOT be blocked, the blacklist should contain IP addresses to be blocked. The whitelist is checked first and will override the blacklist IP addresses.
    • Test mode, so you can put the tested IP Address via URL to see how JU BlockIP filter it, and what rule in the list allow/deny that IP Address. Just turn on the test mode, then pass the IP Address via url like this: BlockIP Solutecia will tell you that IP Address will be allowed or denied to access to your site, and what rule in the list allow/deny it
    • Notice message when you are blocking yourself.

    • If an IP is found in the whitelist, that user will be allowed to access your site and plugin will NOT check that IP in the blacklist.

    • If an IP is NOT found in the whitelist, plugin will check that IP in the blacklist, if that IP is found in the blacklist, user will be blocked.
    • If an IP is not found in both whitelist and blacklist, user will be allowed to access your site.

    Automatic update in blacklist IP

    This automatic blacklist will be loaded at intervals defined by the parameter of 'Update Interval (hours)'. IPs can be identified because they have the comment '#IPBlock Solutecia Automatic'. If you do not want the automatic update then set the update interval parameter to 'never'.
    The list of dangerous IPs is provided by and is not responsible for the content of that list.

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